Impact and Esg

Impact Investing

The Fund will not only concentrate on realizing an attractive financial return. It will also aim to make socially and environmentally responsible investments, hereby providing investors with an attractive financial return while at the same time contributing to improved wealth creation for local communities. The Gemini Fund aims to make successful financial investments that help make a reality the following Sustainable Development Goals in target countries:

  • Goal 1: No Poverty – Investments to build companies that would provide income to individuals that enable them to provide for their families and raise them out of poverty.
  • Goal 2: Zero Hunger – Invest in agriculture value chain to help farmers produce more food to feed the country.
  • Goal 3: Good Jobs and Economic Growth Job Creation – Make quality investments that create value in the economy and provide jobs to build skills and enable people to have upward mobility.
  • Goal 4: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure – Invest in innovative ways of meeting market needs and building industries
  • Goal 5: Reduced Inequalities – Invest in businesses to help build and distribute wealth in target countries to reduce income and social inequalities.

By investing in and developing companies with large market potential, GCP would build sustainable companies that are developed, built and managed professionally. Notwithstanding, the economic activity and the multiplier effect of the pooled companies’ operations broaden the economic impact of the Fund. Job creation, income generation for the poor (poverty reduction), gender equity, good labor practices and capacity building are key developmental objectives of the Fund and its investments. The Partners do not view financial or commercial returns and developmental impact as being mutually exclusive in its investments. The Fund will also include health, education, and poverty reduction as pivotal factors in achieving its developmental impact by ensuring investee companies provide appropriate social services for their employees and their families.

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)

The Fund’s portfolio companies must be willing to adhere to business principles that seek to create an environment that encourages the development of long-term value, the development of the communities in which they operate and serve, and the development of high standards of health, safety, and environmental, social and ethical responsibility. As a standard, all companies must adhere to corporate governance and compliance with social and environmental standards. A criterion for investment by the fund would be to analyze an investment for its environmental, social and governance (ESG) standards. If a particular investment falls short of the required stands, but has the potential to have commercial and developmental impact, GCP will make provisions to ensure that all tools are put in place for a particular investment to attain and maintain ESG standards.

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