Fund Overview

Gemini Capital Partners is raising its anchor fund, the Gemini Fund (“Fund”), with a US $50,000,000 target fund size, to make private equity investments in Liberia and Sierra Leone. The Fund would be a generalist fund and have a keen focus on working with entrepreneurs to develop and harness talent to build successful businesses that would drive innovative ways of providing products and services to our target markets. The Fund intends to generate positive financial returns while developing businesses that will contribute to the economic goals of job creation, wealth building, women empowerment and youth development that help drive long-term developmental impact.

The Fund is currently in its fundraising stage and will focus on financing and building businesses in key sectors to catalyze the inherent entrepreneurism and business opportunities that will drive successful outcomes. The investments would aim to leverage innovation and fuel entrepreneurs to create jobs and achieve superior financial returns and economic impact.  The Fund seeks to generate financial returns, but sees long-term developmental impact on the sectors in which it invests, as a result of commercial success with its investments. The name, Gemini, embodies the interaction of creativity, innovation and ideas that bridge the two worlds of the developed and under-developed that are part of the lives and careers of the Partners. This bridge is an important ingredient for this Fund in building successful businesses, driving new innovations and efficiencies to existing businesses, and building capacity to sustain the successes. 

Importantly, the GCP general partners (the “GPs”) are all from Liberian roots with extensive experience, in the US and Liberia, developing new business ventures, financing businesses, building businesses and providing advisory and governance services to businesses. The GPs have personally experienced much of the pre- and post-conflict challenges of business in the region and are passionate about investing in Liberia and Sierra Leone, with the purpose of achieving positive financial, social and economic results for the countries and its citizens. GCP was established on the foundation that smart investing coupled with expertise from people with relevant business, investing, and regional experience is a formula for success in building companies in our target markets.

GCP believes that investments in the targeted sectors in Liberia and Sierra Leone offer a still relatively nascent opportunity to invest smart capital in conflict affected markets while simultaneously achieving financial returns and positive impact in these countries.

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